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developmental中文,developmental的意思,developmental翻譯及用法 - 英漢詞典



adj. 發展的;啟發的

英語釋義 English Interpretation

  • of or relating to or constituting development;

    "developmental psychology"

片語 Phrase

developmental biology[生物] 發育生物學;[生物] 發生生物學,[生物] 發展生物學

Developmental Education發展教育學

developmental phase[植] 發育期;發育相

developmental state發展型國家;發育情況

developmental aphasia發展性失語癥

developmental sequence發育序列

Developmental State發展型國家;發育情況

developmental stage發育階段;發展階段

developmental pattern發展模式

developmental rhythm[植] 發育節律

Developmental Engineer開發工程師

developmental disorder發展失常

Developmental Delay發展遲滯發展遲滯

developmental psychology[心理] 發展心理學

相似詞 Similar Words



英漢例句 English & Chinese Examples

  • but the free developmental assessments can assist families in seeking early intervention if their new child is showing signs of a delay.


  • we should provide education for children with special needs and developmental challenges.


  • because this is a developmental phenomenon, you may not know whether your child is able to do something until they can’t do something that other children the same age will do.


  • the mainstream medical view of autism is that it represents a form of developmental brain damage.


  • and the question that preoccupies developmental psychologists is how do we come to have this knowledge, and in particular, how much of it is hard-wired, built-in, innate.


  • with few or no strings attached, it has been all too easy for the funds to be used for anything, save the developmental purpose for which they were intended.


  • i’m not a developmental psychologist, but i thought it would be fun to check into some textbook research into how people learn and retain information.


  • the integration activity will take place at boeing facilities in st. louis prior to the developmental and initial operational test and evaluation flight programs.


  • coaching is a developmental process that can best be done by looking for what type of opportunities for learning?

    訓練是一種發展與進步的過程尋。 而完成此過程的最好方法就是尋找學習機會嗎?

  • among the questions inder and her colleagues hope to answer is the extent to which the brain can adapt to developmental limitations or setbacks imposed by early birth.


  • the study appears in the journal developmental science.


  • the biologists focused on a group of cells along the outer edge of the limb, called a developmental 「organizer.


  • of course, most developmental psychologists still don’t agree with me, but at least they’re acknowledging that there’s another point of view.


  • medical textbooks tell us that autism is a developmental disability diagnosed by a classic 」triad of impairments「: in communication, imagination and social interaction.


  • in 2000, this assertion was challenged by papers published in the journals child development and developmental psychology.


  • since fetuses that have developmental problems take longer to habituate than normal fetuses, these types of studies may help indicate fetuses that are at risk for certain conditions.


  • by now, doctors and developmental therapists know plenty about how to treat children with cerebral palsy.


  • we identified the mutation that triggers this abnormal re-activation of developmental genes and showed that if you turn off these genes, you stop the cancer.


  • at every developmental stage your child reaches, she can do things by herself. if you do them for her, you are not really helping her, but rather holding her back.


  • and so far when reviewing the developmental data we've talked about two of them: physics and people.


  • have your child initially tested for all developmental deficiencies to develop a solid, definitive baseline so that you will be able to observe any changes over time.


  • so the company increased its commitment to developmental assignments and invented new ones.


  • alcohol is associated with many serious social and developmental issues, including violence, child neglect and abuse, and absenteeism in the workplace.


  • the study found that the children of mothers with those conditions were significantly more likely to have autism or another developmental delay.


  • indeed, it makes a lot of sense for some developmental decisions to be 」devolved" to cells.


  • children can understand irony from the age of four, according to recent research in the british journal of developmental psychology.


  • by focusing only on genes, blumberg argues in freaks of nature, we miss out on everything developmental anomalies can teach us about biological form and behavior.


  • folate may also help to reduce the risk of some neurodegenerative illnesses and developmental disorders.


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