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dinner party中文,dinner party的意思,dinner party翻譯及用法 - 英漢詞典

dinner party

英[ˈdinə ˈpɑ:ti]美[ˈdɪnɚ ˈpɑrti]

n. 宴會

英語釋義 English Interpretation

  • a party of people assembled to have dinner together;

    "guests should never be late to a dinner party"

片語 Phrase

dinner-party expenses[經]

Before Dinner Cocktail Party宴前酒會

year-end dinner gtcr party忘年餐會

attend a dinner party赴宴

Buffet Dinner Party自助餐中秋

bouquets[植] 花束;宴會

dinner r party晚餐會


Appearance Dinner Party排場應酬

The Dinner PartyThe Dinner Party is a one-act comedy written by Neil Simon, about marriage and divorce. This is Simon's 31st play.

英漢例句 English & Chinese Examples

  • i couldn「t attend a dinner party that spring without people gushing about their magnificent president.


  • four or five years after we got married, your honor, s. and i were invited to a dinner party at the home of a german dancer, who was then living in new york.


  • introduced by friends at a dinner party last spring, the couple kept their love a secret until last autumn and decided marry in may.


  • l ast week, i went to a dinner party that gave me a bout of indigestion.


  • it was at a dinner party in paris, at the house of the artist bill copley.


  • people who go to a western dinner party for the first time may be surprised by table manners in western culture.


  • hillary and i ended our washington stay with a dinner party given by pamela harriman.


  • 」it「s like a dinner party at craig」s house, but there are just more tables now,' mr. willis says.


  • and on foreign policy, mr cameron would get an easier ride at a trendy london dinner party than hawkish mr osborne.


  • since that february night, financial journalists, bloggers, and who knows how many dinner party guests have debated the trillion-dollar question: when will a wall street executive be sent to jail?


  • michael and lisa hit it off on their very first date, at a dinner party of a mutual friend.


  • a few middle-aged couples are chatting at a dinner party when one husband, harry, starts talking enthusiastically about a new restaurant he has just visited with his wife.


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