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have a meal中文,have a meal的意思,have a meal翻譯及用法 - 英漢詞典

片語 Phrase

to eat a meal吃飯

英漢例句 English & Chinese Examples

  • heather: no, not really, the fee includes the ingredients and i have a meal to take home for my family.


  • sorry i’m late.” he came to have a meal with me three times a week and he was always late.


  • will have a meal of the position or the restaurant「s seat face your position.


  • plant have a meal the water level right away drops, while mending water, offer this meal meal that plants wants of fine day.


  • when every person can have a meal on the table and a toilet in his home, then india will be in a position to compete.


  • americans always use forks and knives to have a meal in an outdoor restaurant.


  • have a meal together and ask him, he answer, you go to, you go to i go to.


  • but i don」t have that ability, if we do not have a meal a day is hungry of panic, so cold, we did not go out, would dare not go out.


  • suppose i am a company manager, you are another company manager. i talk about the business with you, and i will say: 「let’s have a meal together!」.


  • the in the idea feels surprised, already merely she shouts to have a meal a young lady to always honestly do over there.


  • working unit: have a meal only, and, you should pay.

    工作單位: 跥只有一頓飯,而且,你要付錢。

  • i like to celebrate birthday with my friends (together). we will have a meal together, and then to play together.


  • have a meal with a hot twenty-something, drinks in a trendy bar, then a taxi back to his place then back to my own bed in the early hours.


  • the gold farmland is one sir, i see us still have a meal first!


  • recently, the writer was invited to have a meal with some friends. after the meal, they had a chat.


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