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with an eye to中文,with an eye to的意思,with an eye to翻譯及用法 - 英漢詞典

with an eye to

英[wið æn ai tu:]美[wɪð ən aɪ tu]


英漢例句 English & Chinese Examples

  • it is hard to imagine that the election date was not chosen with an eye to her scheduled release, six days after the poll, from her latest term of house arrest.


  • with control of punjab, mr sharif would be well-placed to rebuild his party with an eye to the next election.


  • you have to make policy decisions with an eye to their external effects.


  • speaking at a primary school in baltimore, maryland, mr. obama said america must continue to invest with an eye to the future.


  • similarly, re-regulation should proceed cautiously and with an eye to unintended consequences.


  • he constructed his house with an eye to architectural beauty.


  • road traffic information, with an eye to releasing improved traffic services in a couple years


  • in the event of unrest, tactical shifts may be necessary, but always with an eye to reasserting control.


  • the second technique you ought to consider first is to profile your python application, with an eye to rewriting key portions as c extension modules.


  • sure, in a tight economy it makes good sense to pick a major with an eye to what jobs you can get.


  • so the key is to examine with an eye to choosing what you do want.


  • instead of doing remedial work, refalo used the extra time to organize theater workshops, with an eye to encouraging his 10-year-old pupils to express themselves and to delve into literature.


  • since then, squads of rescuers and culture ministry officials have entered churches, museums and town halls, all with an eye to saving the territory「s heritage, and its very memory of its past.


  • with an eye to future business we’ll accept payment by d/p this time.


  • this may be done innocently, not realizing what is lost; or with an eye to reclaiming space in a congested building, a sacrifice demanded of the team in exchange for the open space they need.


  • before you begin to formulate the content of your presentation, you need to ask yourself manybasic questions with an eye to becoming the best possible presenter for that particular audience.


  • still, there」s always lots of research to be done in a home-related plan, so dig in and do that, with an eye to act in june「s first week.


  • each month, we」ll explore design patterns, principles of reliable software design, and why 「best practices」 are best, with an eye to how they are applied to real problems.


  • he made this an exception with an eye to future business。


  • the book was to be written with an eye to posterity, and only objectivity and truth could ensure that, mr.wang said.


  • the united states is also sending aid with an eye to improving its reputation among ordinary pakistanis.


  • trade between their countries was thriving even before the governments of chile and peru signed a free-trade agreement last year with an eye to boosting their combined exports to asia.


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